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This was a project done in collaboration with another graphic design student and a pair of architecture students from Monash University while studying overseas in Prato, Italy. The group was assigned a specific space along the local river for the architecture students to create as a hang-out for students. This idea was then passed onto the graphic designers to brand and advertise to the local community.
The site itself already was set out to be a laundry space for local students. The architecture students decided to expand on this idea, and create the entire space out of a flowing, peg-based structure. Pegs therefore also became an essential part of the proposed Passerella branding. The logo itself was designed to appear as both a peg and the river simultaneously. The patterns used across the advertising material were also created using different close-up shapes from pegs and abstracted to create interesting forms. The goal was to include the pegs subtly into a lot of the design to support the ideas without being too distracting.
Two flyers were created. One advertised the proposed 'Op Shop' which was made to appear as though the letters were dancing from being hung up like clothes. The second was intended to look like a piece of material hanging, and was attached to a wooden peg to promote use of the space. Wayfinding signage also became a significant part of the branding. An arrow was included into a peg shape to clearly but subtly suggest both the space and the direction. Colour was also used as a way of showing the way from the three main universities in the town. An additional item was the bags that were made to be used by students to carry laundry and books to and from the space. 


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